Florian Tappeser
CG Animator & 3D Generalist

About Me

I love character animation and breathing life into polygons and curves. A huge part of why I love animation so much is that it allows me to be creative, social and focused at the same time.

I worked in different fields of creative & technical production and always loved to see how good animation and appealing characters communicate a message to an audience to evoke dreams and imaginations.

In my opinion a good animation has to be technically well done but also needs to be charming and enchanting to win over an audience. I love to be part of a team and work in animation to inspire a large audience all over the world by telling emotional stories through timing & poses.

I am a friendly, open minded and curious person and always try to enhance my workflow and daily routines. I’m an early adopter and always try out new things to improve all aspects of my life such as work, health & relationships. I constantly learn from creative projects in my free time, such as painting, singing, song writing, photography, animation and video making.

"You have ranked very high in comparison to all students for 2017. The judges feel you have some very high quality projects and show a lot of potential. You have displayed strong creative and technical skills in your chosen field and have a well presented and impressive portfolio."